On a family trip, small red bug Kribl got hit by a vicious wind gust and was carried far away to a spooky marshland.

Centuries ago mysterious creatures lived here in their bizarre labyrinth-like dwellings. To repel burglars, many deadly traps were installed.

Looking for an exit, Kribl is straying through this ghost town on the marsh...

Ynth is a clever new jump & turn game for iPhone and iPod Touch. It combines puzzle and 2d jump & run elements to a fascinating game that is easy to pick up and stays entertaining and challenging for hours.

Ynth Lite is the free version of Ynth featuring the first nine levels of Kribl's adventure.

  1. Custom built for iPhone & iPod Touch, super-smooth physics-based gameplay.

  2. Levels that seem to hard can be skipped and played later.

  3. Easy and intuitive controls.

  4. Beautiful handdrawn graphics.

  5. More than sixty levels.

  6. Handmade music and sounds.

  7. Keep listening to iPod tracks while playing the game.

  8. OpenGL Engine runs at 60 frames per sec.

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